Buying Twitter Followers (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

You can actually buy Twitter followers nowadays. However, before you rush out and buy 1 million Twitter followers, there are some things you should know…

Twitter Terms of Service

Buying Twitter followers is considered a violation of Twitter’s TOS. This means, they can suspend or ban your account if you do so. However, in my experience, this has never been a problem. Just make sure you’re careful – don’t buy too many followers too fast.

I’ve had no problem buying 10,000 to 20,000 Twitter followers at a time. I buy them through Fiverr, usually for $5 per 10,000 followers.

Are The Followers Real?

The followers you will get will NOT be real followers. They will be botted accounts. This means that you will NOT get any real traffic or sales from buying followers directly.

So why even bother?

Well, increasing your Twitter follower count can do several good things for you and your online business:

Provide more credibility (people trust someone with 20,000 followers WAY MORE than someone with 100 followers).

Increase your likelihood of gaining new followers (people are WAY MORE likely to follow someone with a significant following than someone who has few to no followers).

Allow you to use TweetAdder aggressively to build a targeted, active following. Twitter restricts the number of people you can follow on Twitter each day – especially if you have less than 2,000 followers. By buying followers, you can skip this limitation so that you can start following up to 1,000 people a day with TweetAdder.

This is DEFINITELY worth it in my opinion because it means you will dramatically increase your number of REAL followers much more quickly.

Anything Else To Know?

You should know that Twitter is cracking down on bots so many of your bought followers will steadily drop off, at the rate of maybe 50-100 a day in my experience. This means that if you’re NOT using TweetAdder to add new followers daily, your total follower count will be quickly diminishing.

This is why I ONLY recommend buying Twitter followers if you’re using TweetAdder. Remember you can buy TweetAdder here:

Where Can I Buy Twitter Followers?

Here are some places I’ve used successfully:

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