7 Lessons Learned Building a $10k a Month Online Business In 12 Months

I’ve been focusing on my books and have published over a dozen books in the last year, started a publishing company and already have more clients than I can handle and am now earning about $10k a month from my ebook royalties alone. It’s been a fun ride!

So I wanted to share some lessons I’ve learned in the past year and hope it might inspire you.

1) Focus

I’ve started over 10 businesses since I was 13 and have always had the habit of starting many projects. That’s a perfectly fine habit, but the habit of finishing a project is very important as well. Make sure you finish what you start! Like that book you’ve been writing

2) Start Small, Grow Fast

Start small with a new info product or business. Launch something small and see how the market likes it. Get feedback from your early customers and make your product even better. I see people try to launch $2,000 courses as their first product and I think it’s a bit backwards. Why not start with the top of the funnel instead of the bottom? You’ll learn a lot more that way because you’ll have a lot more customers to teach you.

3) Get a Damn Good Team

I’ve had 6 VA’s and they all were mediocre at best until I found my most recent one. I wouldn’t give him up for anything! Keep looking until you find the right people for your team. The same thing goes with attorneys, consultants, coaches, etc. Don’t settle for mediocre, look for the best.

4) Integrate What Works

I’ve been using Facebook to build my list for a few years but now with my ebooks, I’m generating thousands of dollars in sales using Facebook because I’m leveraging the power of two marketing systems (Kindle free books and Facebook promoted posts/ads).

5) Reinvest

Once you start getting good cashflow from your products, reinvest in your business! If your ads are working, do more ads. Hire better team members. Don’t just spend your money on crap you don’t need – reinvest it in your business to create a better product for your customers and increase your marketing.

6) Kill Distractions

The worst kind of distractions are the ones you think are good for you. The person who asks to talk about a new business proposal or the wide-eyed marketer who has the next million dollar idea for you. In my experience, 99% of the time these people lead you nowhere but down an empty path of wasted time. You don’t need another million dollar idea or proposal to grow your business. Just focus on giving your customers what they want. Don’t just give everyone your time because they want it. Pretty soon, you won’t have any time left to work on the really important stuff.

7) Always Be Promoting

Even if you’re answering questions for people, writing a blog post or talking with a stranger at the mall, always be promoting! You never know who could refer that next huge client or business partner. Let people know what you’re up to and how you help your customers. Treat everyone like they’re important regardless of their current financial or social position.

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