7 Common SEO Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Traffic

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of improving the quality and volume of web traffic to your website by using some proven SEO techniques. In order words, it is a process of building a successful website. A website that is not optimized properly will not be able to reach the targeted clientele. So it is very essential to optimize your site using appropriate keywords so that you can achieve a high ranking in major search engines, like Google and Yahoo.

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But often times, website owners or blog owners commit some SEO mistakes that results in taking a toll on their businesses as well as personal finances. So make sure you do not commit the mistakes mentioned below:

1. Using inappropriate URLS

The most common mistake that web owners often commit is that they use long URLS with long parameters. Using this kind of URLS creates difficulty not only for the visitors but also for search engine spiders. So instead of using such URLS, use descriptive file names with proper keywords. This helps the visitors navigate the site easily. This also helps the web owners in improving search engine results.

2. Using title tags without putting keywords

There are many instances where web owners put web page titles without any relevance to the subject of the post. They often use title tags that have company name or some other text, but no keywords. The purpose of using a title tag is to inform the visitor and the search engine spider about what is there on the webpage. So it is extremely important to put keywords in the title tag so as to help the visitors understand the essence of the webpage.

3. Poor navigation design

Navigation and sitemaps are important to not only the visitors of the site but also to search engine spiders. Remember, bots cannot read JavaScript and Flash and so this kind of content should be avoided. Instead, have a sitemap encoded in both HTML and XML so that search engine spiders can navigate the web site more easily.

4. Wrong anchor text

Avoid using generic anchor text like “click here” as much as possible since it says nothing about the page linked to. Instead, use descriptive text as it indicates the content of the page it links to. But do not use descriptive text that is irrelevant and has no connection with the target webpage.

5. Disallowing search engines

Often times, people accidentally ban a search engine from a web site. This usually happens when individuals play with the robots.txt file. This file is located in the root folder of the website and it instructs bots which folders and pages to crawl. So ensure that you do not play with the robots.txt file.

6. Caught in SEO tricks

Do not spend a lot of time in finding the latest SEO tricks and trends in order to make your site ranked better. Remember, the main trick for optimizing your webpage is to post quality content on the site. So devote more time in writing content for your website so that it can attract more and more traffic.

7. Duplicate content

Another mistake that bloggers often commit is to write duplicate content or keywords. Make sure you write unique articles for your site so that it can attract potential visitors. Even if you target the same topic, at least make some variation in keywords, like for instance instead of writing make money on Facebook write making money with your facebook. This will help you create a complete different page for each keyword and will add value to your site.

In conclusion, afore mentioned are some SEO mistakes that you should avoid in order to optimize your site effectively.

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