6 Tips For Getting More Twitter Traffic

Twitter? Ha! I used to think Twitter was worthless. I mean does anyone actually make money using Twitter? And how do you manage it if it takes so much time out of your day?
Well, I finally cracked the code to driving massive traffic using Twitter and I want to share it with you. These are my top 6 tips I’ve used that have worked very well for me. Use them wisely!

1. Automate Tweets

Schedule at least 20 tweets a day using TweetAdder or Hootsuite – they must be high quality and relevant to people, and you can link most of them directly to one of your blog posts NOT your sales or product pages.

2. Track

Use¬†bit.ly¬†tracking links – they’re free and will help you see which tweets are driving traffic so you can continue to use them or similar ones!

3. Tweet With Hashtags

Use hashtags as much as possible. You only need 1 good hashtag in a tweet. Make sure to mix up your hashtags regularly to see what’s working best. For example, if you’re tweeting about cars use #car #cars #truck #trucks #driving #drivers, etc. and see which hashtags are generating the most mentions/retweets/favorites/clicks for you.

4. Respond to Mentions

Respond to EVERY relevant mention. Ignore the spam mentions that we all get on Twitter, but if someone mentions you, thanks you for a tweet or for following, just reply to their tweet in a mention, even if all you’re tweeting is “thanks!” Twitter is about being social so you have to respond to people and be helpful – use your manners!

5. Use 3rd Party Tweets

Tweet using other websites. You can set it up so that your Facebook posts are turned into Tweets, and sites like Pinterest allow you to tweet your activity as well.

6. Buffer for Tweets

Use Buffer to get new ideas for tweets and automatically schedule tweets for when you won’t be around.

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