5 Twitter Marketing Strategies That Increase Sales

Engaging people with an effective social marketing strategy can be a challenging experience if you know what to do and you do it in the right moment.

Social media marketing allows companies to advertise their products and services very effectively without having to invest huge amounts of money.

Among all the different social media channels, Twitter is probably the most effective one; the reasons are easy to identify: first of all, it is an open system. Unlike Facebook, everybody can follow everybody on Twitter, as it is a public system.

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Want to double your sales with Twitter?

Also, Twitter is much more used than other social media channels for marketing and business purposes. In other words, your target audience is already “marketing educated”, which means that the people who are following you are already expecting to read business related tweets from your side. Here are 5 things to follow for an effective twitter advertising strategy.

Personally, I doubled my online sales using Twitter once I figured out how to use it well. And you can too!

1) Create a solid followers base

Do not follow random tweeters just to enlarge your followers list, it just does not make any sense. You have to make sure that the people who follow you, and the people you follow, are working in your same area or expertise field. TweetAdder is a great way to get more targeted Twitter followers automatically.

2) Find the right tweeting balance

Do not over tweet and make sure you tweet only compelling, engaging and interesting content that other people might enjoy. Of course, do not forget to tweet daily updates. Some companies start a Twitter marketing advertising strategy and then forget about Twitter for 1 month or 2, and then get back to it: they don’t know, though, that doing so they have lost all of their online credibility.

3) Inspire proactivity

This is at the basis of Marketing psychology. Sometimes people just need to be guided, and if you tell them what to do they will just do it! So don’t be afraid and try to engage your followers with some targeted calls-to-action. You might start by simply asking for a retweet if they enjoyed the article or agreed with your statement.

4) Use a catchy communication style

Twitter is amazing because the 140 characters constraint forces you to creatively write, edit and rewrite the same concept in less words. In many cases, less is more, and with marketing advertising this has never been so true. The less words you use, the more powerful the message will be. Try to make a funny exercise: get rid of all the adjectives and adverbs of your clause. You might be surprised and discover the real inner meaning and power of words.

5) Be authentic

The world wide web is full of copied, un-inspired and sales oriented content. Be different. The only way to create REAL ENGAGEMENT is to provide your followers with fresh, authentic and passionate content that they can find of any interest. Your followers will not click on your links if they perceive your content as somehow robot-generated. Moreover, they will most likely unfollow you if they don’t see any real value content. The web has hard rules, but running social media marketing campaigns can be very rewarding if you work hard!

About The Author:Tim Keller is an online marketing consultant for Linknami with over 5 years experience in the social media marketing industry.

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