23 Free Sites To Promote Your Free Kindle Books On Amazon

List of Free Kindle Promotion Sites

The first 17 sites you MUST submit your book to at least one week in advance or they might not list it. Always plan your KDP promotions ahead of time so you can promote them effectively!

1) Pixel of Ink http://www.pixelofink.com/sfkb

2) Ereader News Today http://ereadernewstoday.com/ent-free-book-submissions

3) Bargain Ebook Hunter http://bargainebookhunter.com/contact-us

4) That Book Place http://www.thatbookplace.com/free-promo-submissions

5) Free Kindle Fiction http://freekindlefiction.blogspot.com (Only for Fiction books)

6) Indie Book of the Day http://indiebookoftheday.com/authors/free-on-kindle-listing

7) Free Book Dude http://www.freebookdude.com/p/list-your-free-book.html

8) The-Cheap.net http://the-cheap.net/authors/free-promotion-opportunities/share-your-deal

9) Awesome Gang http://awesomegang.com/submit-your-book

10) Free Kindle Books & Tips http://www.fkbooksandtips.com/for-authors

10) FreeBookClub.org http://freebookclub.org/

11) The Frugal Reader http://thefrugalereader.wufoo.com/forms/frugal-freebie-submissions

12) Kindle Finds http://kindlefinds.com/submissions/submission-form-kdp-free-day

13) Ebooksfreedaily http://www.ebooksfreedaily.com/?page_id=16

14) Ebooklister http://ebooklister.net/submit.php

15) Centsibleereads http://www.centsibleereads.com/p/for-authors.html

16) Freebookshub http://www.freebookshub.com/authors/

17) Ebookshabit http://ebookshabit.com/for-authors/

Free Kindle Sites On Day 1 Of Your Promo

These last 6 sites you must wait until the day of or the day before your promotion to list your book.

1) Snicklist.com http://snickslist.com/books/place-ad

2) Addiction To Ebooks http://addictedtoebooks.com/free

3) Daily Free Ebooks http://www.daily-free-ebooks.com/suggest-free-ebook

4) Daily Cheap Reads http://dailycheapreads.com/category/free/

5) Ereader IQ http://www.ereaderiq.com/contact/

6) Best Ebooks World http://www.bestebooksworld.com/addlinks.asp

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