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How To Customize Your Kindle Book Description Using Amazon HTML Tags

There’s a little known secret for those of us who publish books on Amazon Kindle. You can customize your book description using HTML to create headlines, center and justify text, insert images, create italics, bold and underlines and even use those nifty orange headlines that you see on

How Amazon HTML Works

If you’re already familiar with HTML, all you need to know is that Amazon does not use typical HTML characters. Instead of using < and > for tags, it uses &lt; and &gt; (standing for less than and greater than).

For those of you who have no idea what HTML is, a typical HTML code looks something like this:

<h2>How To Sell More Kindle Books</h2>

This code would look something like this if implemented on a website:

How To Sell More Kindle Books

H2 is an HTML “tag” that sets the text INSIDE that tag to a “Heading 2” font. What Heading 2 is depends on the platform you use (your WordPress site theme or, in the case of your Kindle book descriptions, the theme that Amazon uses).

So you need to replace the tags including < and > symbols to the appropriate tags that Amazon can read. Whereas a normal H2 tag in HTML would look like this: <h2>HEADLINE</h2> on Amazon it looks like this: &lt;HEADLINE&gt; – weird, right?

For those of you who have no idea what HTML is or what I just wrote, don’t worry! All you have to do is copy and paste these HTML codes below into your Amazon book description to make your book descriptions look AMAZING on your Amazon book page!

Custom Amazon HTML Tags Step-By-Step

Here’s what you can do using Amazon’s HTML tags:

1. H2 Orange Headlines

Special Amazon HTML Code: &lt;h2&gt;INSERT YOUR HEADLINE HERE&lt;/h2&gt;

What it looks like:

Amazon HTML Orange Headlines picture

The text in the red circles is what your headlines will look like using these H2 tags on Amazon.

For H1, H3, H4, etc. headlines, just replace the “H2” in the code with “H1” for big black headlines or H3 for smaller headlines, etc.

2. Centered Headlines

To center your text, just use this code: &lt;center&gt;INSERT YOUR HEADLINE HERE&lt;/center&gt;

To use center and an H2 headline together, copy this code:
&lt;center&gt;&lt;h2&gt;INSERT YOUR HEADLINE HERE&lt;/center&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;

3. Bold

To use bold text, copy this code: &lt;b&gt;INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE&lt;/b&gt;

4. Italics

To use italics text, copy this code: &lt;i&gt;INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE&lt;/i&gt;

5. Underlined

To use underlined text, copy this code: &lt;u&gt;INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE&lt;/u&gt;

6. Inserting Images

To insert an image, copy this code: &lt;img src=”” align=”left”&gt;

Note: Replace the http:// portion with the url of your picture you want to insert. Your picture should be around 200 pixels high to look best. If your picture is too big, you will have to resize it using an image editing program. I also recommend shortening your image URL using a free URL shortener like

You will have to upload your picture to a website somewhere. If you don’t know how to upload it to your own website, you can use Flickr or Facebook. Then, simply right-click the picture and click “Copy Image URL” and then paste that URL into the shortener and then paste that shortened URL into the Amazon html code above

Copy image url picture

Right-click your picture from Facebook, Flickr or your website and click “Copy image URL.” Then paste that URL in the Amazon html code above to insert that picture in your Amazon book description.

Having trouble with your book description and HTML? Just post your questions and comments here and I’ll be happy to help!

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Online Marketing and Branding – Alicia Rittenhouse Interview (Motivation and Success Podcast)

I had the great pleasure to interview Alicia Rittenhouse, one of the top women online marketers out there today. Alicia has several coaching programs, membership sites and hot online marketing products. She’s been an online marketer for several years and in the interview she shares her incredible wisdom, knowledge and how-to advice for all of us who want to earn a part-time or full-time income online.

Grab your notebook or journal and a pen and take great notes – this interview will change your online business forever!

In today’s show, we interviewed Alicia Rittenhouse, founder of the Geek Lab for Entrepreneurs. Alicia shares her experience in online marketing for several years and some amazing tips on online branding, positioning and building a sustainable business that lasts.

Learn more about Alicia on her blog at

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Increasing Productivity By These Ways


When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever.


Use your time as productive as possible through these ways:

  • Make a plan

Make a plan and work on it. If you have a plan, this will serve as a guide for you and for your goals. Make sure also that if you make a plan, ensure that you do it. Start your day by sparing 15 minutes for your planning because this is very helpful to achieve your tasks in a day.  At the end of the day, don’t forget also to assess yourself if you achieve those goals.

Planning could not just help you to become organized but it will also help you to maximize your time in a more productive way.

  • Learn to prioritize

If you have a lot of work to do, prioritization is very important. List down the most important things and finish them first. After you have finished with the most important, you may now do the least important. This does not mean that you are not giving significance to the least important but you are just organizing your work according to its importance.

  • Do not underestimate small projects

Small projects when not given attention may lead to bigger problems. It could also pile up your work that could lead to bigger tasks at the end. Take tasks equally, maybe big or small because at the end, you will still be responsible for those.

  • Take one day at a time.

You must accept that sometimes you cannot get rid of loads of work, and you cannot finish it all at once in just one setting. All you have to do is to take small steps in order to accomplish it. Don’t force yourself because it will just decrease the quality of your work and the person who will be affected is always you. So, take one day at a time according to your own pace. Quality is still important to quantity.

  • It’s okay to ask help.

Asking help does not necessarily mean you are not capable of doing your task but it is a way of accepting that you need assistance sometimes. It is a humble way of telling that you can come up with a great results with the aid of others. Because we also know that we do not know everything so, others could be an instrument to guide us.                                         

  • Have an end of the day review

One way of assessing if you are successful in your task is if you evaluate yourself after each day. It will give you and idea of your weaknesses and strengths as well. In terms of weaknesses, it will help you improve those in time and in your strength, this will help you maintain those or even improve them to be part of your best.

  • Take breaks

Lastly, don’t forget to take breaks. Have a holiday vacation with your family, invite your friends over a bottle of wine, contact a long lost friend to have some coffee or treat yourself to a spa or any pampering treats. In this way, you can unwind yourself and be ready again to another task.

Value Your Time: Avoid Procastination!

avoid procastination

Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


You can never get back time once it was lost and one thing to waste time is by procrastination. Procrastination cannot kill a person but it can kill your goals in life. Without goals, you will be miserable in the end and it will hinder you to achieve success. But, procrastination can be stopped and it depends on the person if he is also willing to change this bad habit with a good one.
Here are some tips to kick those bad habits:

• Get Started
“Now” is a very important word to save procrastination. Starting as early as now could help you achieve your goals in life. Honestly, it is not easy to start abruptly but it can save you from the misery it may bring. You can start in a very simple way by listing a simple note of the things you want to do and indicate a time frame when it should be finished. Make sure also that the time frame you put is also measurable, realistic and attainable. In this way, you may be reminded every time that you need to finish something and it can prevent you from forgetting.

Through this, you could maximize your time and you can accomplish many things in a day as possible.

• Start Moving
Always remember that you will not accomplish anything if you are not doing any. One way to save procrastination is start doing productive. Convert your previous habits to a more fruitful one. If before you are already contented with your life doing nothing the whole day on the couch, start starting doing household works like cleaning the house, doing laundry and washing the dishes. At the end of the day, you will feel great.

• Avoid Negative Habits and Behavior
One big cause of procrastination is bad habits and behaviors. So, if you want to achieve your goals, value your time and leave your bad habits away. However, some people are not aware of their bad habits. So, if you feel that you do not succeed, ask a friend of yours of your bad behaviors. In this way, you may be aware of these things and start to improve them into a better one. It is better late than never, anyway.

• Concentrate on your goals
In doing your tasks, just focus on your goals. There may be distractions that may arise but try not to mind it. It is just a test on how well you want to accomplish your goals. If you are positive and dedicated, you will never get out of your way.

• Don’t rely on others
Remember that the person who can help yourself is just you. Not your friends or even your close families. Don’t rely your success on their hands. They may be a guide but they are not responsible to you and your time.

These tips are difficult at first but just keep the momentum and you will soon realize that you are getting better. At the end of the day, you will also thank yourself.

Productivity tips on Article Writing

productivity, productive

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Writing is a very good way of expressing your feelings, ideas and knowledge to other people most especially when you post it into your blog. It is a great way of sharing your thoughts and hearing others opinion as well.

However, writing requires a lot of skill most especially when you are still starting. It may be difficult at first, but experience and practice as time goes by could help.

In this article, I will share productivity tips on how to make article writing a success and here are those:

  • First, establish a goal. Set a goal for yourself if how much time you will work on a particular article so that you will have a guide. For example, on a particular topic, you should finish it within 30-45 minutes so that the remaining time could help you use in a productive way like writing another topic. Always remember when setting a goal that it is achievable and realistic. You know your capabilities so you are just the only one who can gauge your skill.
  • Make an outline in writing an article. Outlines and guidelines could help you much in article writing. It could help you organize your thoughts in writing one and so that your ideas will not be repeated and make it redundant. Jotting down points could help.
  • Make the most of your morning. Many writers would say that they love writing early in the morning because their mind is free from distractions, worries and stress. It could help the write concentrate more because morning is considered as the quietest time of the day. However, busy professionals such as working moms who could not make it in the morning because of errands can do it late at night especially when the kids are asleep.
  • Serve your readers well. One way to be a productive writer is to cater to your reader’s needs most especially to their questions regarding your blog. They would feel much appreciated if you will respond to them very well. If you are busy enough to entertain them, just make a way as soon as you can.
  • Work location matters. If you are always working at home, try another new place such as a coffee house, a library or anywhere that could help you focus on your  work in a productive way.
  • Organize your desk. An organized desk could also mean an organized mind. So, if you have an organized mind you can work very well without thinking other disruption.
  • Work in a peaceful and quiet place. Working in a quiet place could help you concentrate more and avoid distractions.
  • Don’t choose the topics. Writing could be tiring and sometimes we could not avoid that we are tired and exhausted sometimes. If our mind is exhausted, try to rest for a little lime and go back again to the topic. Do not write anything unnecessary and irrelevant for the sake that you can write something. It will just break the trust of your readers.

10 Ways to Make Your Blog Popular and Interesting To Readers


It takes time to attract readers, Great blogs don’t happen overnight.

In today’s time, blogging has been very popular with everyone and it became a trend already. Everybody has it and if you check it over the web, it has a million of it.
However, the question is: How can you attract readers to love your blogs compare to others? How can you be unique compare to everyone else? How can you make your site worth their time? And the most important is, how can you increase blog traffic to your site?
As a blogger, here are the tips I can share with you:

1. Write at your best and write often

Writing good, quality and useful content blogs could attract readers very well and increase your blog audience. Always make sure that you have meaningful things to say in order for them to maintain their interest and attention. One thing that could also keep them coming back is if they have something to learn from you. Blogging has no rules; you could say whatever in your mind , but be confident that after they have read it, they can get something to gain also.
Another thing is, update your blog regularly as much as possible so that readers could look forward to your new post every day.

2. Make use of the Search Engine

Submitting your blogs in popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! could help you include your blogs in their result pages. In this way, your site could have a great chance to be seen by everybody.
Through search engines, you can also have a great opportunity to be included in the top article which could be very beneficial for you.

3. Respond the Comments

By simply responding to reader’s comments could make them feel that you value their ideas and opinions and through this, they could feel appreciated and thus, their loyalty to you might increase as well.
You must also take note that commenting on other blogs could drive new traffic. It means that if you leave sensible comments to other sites, they might get interested in you. So, if in the event you would like to leave a comment to others, don’t forget to link your URL’s account because surely if readers might find you motivating, they will seek from your opinions more.

4. Set an RSS feed

If you syndicate your blogs with an RSS feed, it will be easy for your readers to know when if ever you published new content.

5. Increasing blog traffic through links and trackbacks

The most powerful part of the blog is the links. It is a great feeling for a blogger that their sites have been linked by someone. Linking sites could assist you get noticed by other bloggers so; they might be a possibility that they could be your new viewers.

6. Make time to tag your posts

Tagging posts could be very time consuming for you but it is worth the time since it can add additional tag traffic to your blog.

7. Blog traffic with the use of images

Images and creative pictures will not just make your site beautiful and attractive but it could be a part of the search engines lists as well. Since people often use Google and Yahoo!, they might search your posted image that could boost blog traffic.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is achieved when you write a guest post to other blogs or other bloggers will post on your blog. This will increase blog traffic and there would be a chance that your blog will be exposed to another audience

9. Join Forums and other social media sites

Leaving a comment in the forums while linking your blog site could give you a great chance that people will visit it and learn new things from you. From then on, they could be your loyal readers if they love your blogs and find you interesting.
Joining in social media such as Facebook and twitters could also help you known by linking your site.

10. Don’t be shy

The most important in the blog community is that you should not be afraid to introduce yourself, share your ideas and ask questions.
Speak out and let everyone noticed you!

Simple Tips and Tricks about Time Management and How it Could Change Our Lives Forever

Managing time

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. ~ Stephen R. Covey


Time is the most important thing in this world. Once you lose it you can never get it back. That’s why our time is so precious and we should make the most out of it.

Do you wonder why many businessmen succeed while others fail? It is not because they are the smartest people in their own field, but because they know how to manage their time more effectively. They achieve their goals faster with good time management, self-discipline and prioritization.

One of the best things you can do to manage your time better is to start making a list of tasks. Just keep track of the things you need to do to move forward in your business.

Managing your own time most especially if you are busy and if you are beating so many deadlines could be difficult at first. But when you get used to it, everything will fall in place. Then you will see huge improvements in your business, career and in yourself.

In this article, you will be amazed at the simple actions that can help you manage your own time better:

• Set your realistic goals; both short term and long term

long term and short term

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

First of all, know your goals; both long and short term and be specific. Once you have gathered them all, write them down. In this way, you could assess yourself if you could achieve them in a certain span of time. Take consideration also of your capacities and make sure it is achievable and realistic.

Learn to Prioritize!

You don’t know how to manage your time if you don’t know how to prioritize.
~Know how to weigh things

In time management, prioritization is very crucial. You should determine here what is important to be done first in order for your business to grow. Know what is fundamental and work for it because if you built a strong foundation, everything else will follow smoothly. Focus on the most important tasks and ignore the distractions!

Learn to say “NO”

In business, you have to learn to say no in some cases. You have to check first your schedule before committing to anything else. Always remember that there are always distractions that could block you from achieving your objectives and you must avoid distraction.

Delegate task responsibly.



You can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility.

In a business or company, there are many people behind it and it is great to help one another to achieve a certain goal or goals. If you are given the privilege to delegate a task to your team, do it in a responsible way. Make sure that you assign it to the right person and that they have the skills to complete it.

End the day right


At the end of the day, we must go forward with hope and not backward by fear and division.

Remember that each day has only 24 hours and you also deserve to rest and energize for the upcoming day ahead. After a long day at work, make it a habit that you clean your desk and be prepared again for another day tomorrow.

Live a balanced life


Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

Our life should also be balanced and we should also weigh things. It’s just not healthy to only work and let other areas of life suffer. Make time also for family and friends, unwind and relax on a holiday and, most of all, give yourself a treat because you deserve it!

These are simple time management tips but they could change your life into a success. Time could make or break us so spend it wisely!

Time Management is the answer to every success.

get started

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. ~ Stephen R. Covey

There are several vital factors that could make or break the success of our career. Secularly, one of the easiest is time management but can be toughest to grasp. With it, it can make our life less stressful if we manage and schedule our time properly.

Time is a weird thing –intangible but inflexible. Time just isn’t something you can make more of. You cannot save minutes or hours either for later use. This is precisely why many wonder why bother managing time to start with? Nonetheless, it is your most important resource, for that very reason. You cannot make 24 hours go to 27 hours so that you can finish off those things you need done, but you can increase your efficiency so that you will get more projects completed on that time that you simply do have. If you fail to be productive, you cannot get back the time you have lost. The number of projects you accomplish isn’t the only way of gauging your productivity. Your productivity is measured by how much time you spent finishing a task.

Observing good time management takes self-discipline, but everything fall into place once you see the benefits of managing and scheduling your time better. You will notice great improvements in your work performance and getting tasks completed will seem to be nearly effortless. Having a to-do list could surely help make things easier when it comes to prioritization. Putting off the difficult jobs can only help your day seem more chaotic as you will be constantly trying to catch up.

To others, the answer in getting more tasks done is by working more quickly. However, I will decrease the quality of work but it will surely raise the output. If you are just expert in managing your time, you don’t need to cram and double time your work so you could make up for the time you’ve lost. Time management isn’t really about dashing to get things done faster. Instead, it’s doing things better so there wouldn’t be any need for you to hurry in the first place.

It’s not possible to separate time management and efficiency. There are numerous time wasters in the workplace, but inefficient time scheduling and disorganized work spaces are two top time wasters. Your professional reputation and credibility are considerably affected by these two. Don’t expect your colleagues to be overwhelmed if you keep fumbling for your pen or ruffling through your notes while you’re doing a business presentation. On the other hand, if you always appear to be unruffled, that you have things together, you’ll impress people.

Many of us are very good at making a plan, but not always so good at following through on it. Setting realistic goals, giving yourself work deadlines and meeting them are the specific ways you can manage your time. When you have to learn and accept your own boundaries, as well as learn how to stretch them, you’ll find these skills quite easily applied in other places. Based on achievable solutions, you can form the habit of correctly assessing the situation and making reasonable decisions.

All successful businesses practice good time management. Time is one of your most precious resources and you should manage it effectively most especially in business. Managing your time effectively might be tough at first, but if you could get used to it, it might be very easy for you. Wasting time is something the successful individuals don’t do. If you want to succeed, you need to perfect your time management.


To become a Productivity Junkie it starts with defining priorities and managing your time effectively. Its hard to accomplish a lot if you are focused on the negative, what you don’t have, what you can’t do.

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How I Took My Blog From 0 to 100,000 Pageviews A Month In 9 Months

Okay, before I tell you how I went from a brand new blog to 100,000 hits a month, I want to let you know that I’m not just some other internet marketer out there who’s full of s*** – so here’s the screenshot of the stats:

Blog Stats picture

My new blog went from 0 to over 100,000 pageviews a month in just 9 months without spending a dime on advertising!

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the fun part – how I did it.

First of all, I started blogging back in 2008 with a free blogger blog. After making $30 a month from AdSense ads in the first 2-3 months, my blog got shut down – why? Duplicate content.

First blogging lesson!

Then, I got smart – switched to a free WordPress blog. And that blog, despite having hundreds of thousands of views over the years, still continues to languish and not make any money – because it’s VERY hard to monetize a blog that you don’t own and host yourself.

Second blogging lesson!

So, I got discouraged with blogging and quit for a few years. Then, last year, I decided I’m going to give it another try – but this time I’m going to actually do some research (like reading John Chow’s blog!) and figure out how the heck to make some money doing this.

So, after reading and studying for a few months, I finally set up my first self-hosted blog –

When I started it, my first goal was to get 1,000 hits a day on the site. I figured, if I could do that, then I could really start making some decent money. So, I started writing high quality posts myself. No more skimping by just writing junk articles or posting news stories with a few lines of commentary. No, this time, I was going to write for ME – what I really wanted to share. And I would make damn sure that it was good, useful content that would be helpful for people who read it.

Next, I started guest blogging – A LOT. There was a time there in the first few months where I would be sending out emails to 200-300 bloggers a week and writing 10-15 guest posts a week.

I made sure though that I didn’t waste my time contacting spam blogs – you know, those Made-For-Adsense (MFA) blogs, those scraper blogs, those blogs with no real content… yeah, I avoided those like the plague. I always looked for bloggers who had high quality content in my niche or a related one and who were real people – with their real pictures on their blogs.

After studying SEO for so long, I finally figured out that if a REAL human being is writing REAL content on a site, then it’s probably going to be valuable to get a link from that site.

I also focused heavily on Social Media – mostly Twitter and Facebook. For Facebook, I built a fan page, used Facebook ads to build a following and started posting high quality content – a lot.

For Twitter, I finally broke down and bought TweetAdder. I set it up, wrote hundreds of high quality Tweets and set them to go out automatically. Then I just logged in every to respond to any mentions. Simple but effective.

Along the way, I learned some lessons…

  • Whenever you contact a blogger, you better not just copy/paste some spammy message and hope they respond – make it personal. Let them know you actually might have read one of their blog posts.
  • When you contact a blogger, let them know how you can help them (I can write a guest post for you, I can promote you on my fan page, or whatever).
  • When you start a new blog and start building links and traffic, success doesn’t come overnight – it takes time. The work I did 9 months ago is still paying off – more so now than it did at first!
  • Don’t get discouraged by no results, poor results, or dream stealers. Others will try to tell you you’re stupid, you shouldn’t do it, who are you to start a blog? Screw those people! You can do anything you put your mind to and work your ass off at to achieve.

So where did all the traffic come?

Since I didn’t install Google Analytics until several months after I started the site, the figures aren’t perfect but they’re good enough:

Google: 93,000 hits – mostly from Google Images (For some strange reason that boggles my mind, this post one of my writers wrote for me on Chris Hemsworth’s workout has gotten over 150,000 views so far)

Facebook: 16,000 hits – about half from my Fan Page, the other half from the Facebook Comments system. One of my posts about a Doctor who reversed her Multiple Sclerosis went viral on Facebook after I used Paint to take her before/after photos and put them into 1 photo – making it a lot easier for readers to see the huge changes in just one look. So if you want more traffic from Facebook and Social Media, make sure your images tell your story well because that’s what people will be seeing when the post is shared on Facebook – the image in the post.

Direct Traffic: 11,000 hits – I’m assuming a lot of this was from Twitter. Using, I’ve been tracking about 100 hits a day from Twitter for quite some time but it never seems to show up in my analytics – I’m guessing because most people use a 3rd party software when checking Twitter now.

Twitter: 2,000 hits

Reddit: 1,800 hits – I got banned from posting to Reddit after I posted most of my blog articles there. So – learn from me! Only post your own articles to reddit once a week or less and make sure you’re posting other useful content too. Also, make sure you post in the RIGHT subsections – if you post unrelated articles in the economy section, for instance, you will get reported as a spammer.

Craigslist: 1,000 hits – I posted an ad that I was hiring a writer for my blog… and was surprised to wake up the next day with a huge spike in my site’s traffic. I only recommend using this strategy if you’re actually hiring a writer, and you can handle 50+ emails from potential applicants.

There hundreds of other sites that contributed to the traffic, many of them sites I posted my guest articles on and niche sites in my own industry like ChowStalker and TheFoodee. The key is to research your own niche and see what cool/fun/unique/interesting sites there are out there that you can connect with and potentially get traffic from down the road.

My Most Important Takeaways

If I had to do it all over again, I’d focus on:

1. Writing high quality content for my blog

2. Hiring a good writer for cheap ($10 or less an article for ~600 words) – I’d probably go through at least 30-40 applicants before finding the right one

3. Guest Posting on other high quality blogs

4. My Facebook Fan Page – posting at least 3 times a day with good content

5. Twitter – mostly automating it with TweetAdder

6. I’d work my ass off. I wouldn’t buy any stupid SEO software or training products unless I REALLY REALLY needed them. I’d focus on the basics of building a good blog and wouldn’t let some shiny new product distract me from what’s really important – Good Content + Good Relationships.