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23 Free Sites To Promote Your Free Kindle Books On Amazon

List of Free Kindle Promotion Sites

The first 17 sites you MUST submit your book to at least one week in advance or they might not list it. Always plan your KDP promotions ahead of time so you can promote them effectively!

1) Pixel of Ink

2) Ereader News Today

3) Bargain Ebook Hunter

4) That Book Place

5) Free Kindle Fiction (Only for Fiction books)

6) Indie Book of the Day

7) Free Book Dude


9) Awesome Gang

10) Free Kindle Books & Tips


11) The Frugal Reader

12) Kindle Finds

13) Ebooksfreedaily

14) Ebooklister

15) Centsibleereads

16) Freebookshub

17) Ebookshabit

Free Kindle Sites On Day 1 Of Your Promo

These last 6 sites you must wait until the day of or the day before your promotion to list your book.


2) Addiction To Ebooks

3) Daily Free Ebooks

4) Daily Cheap Reads

5) Ereader IQ

6) Best Ebooks World

How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks Using Proper Keyword Research and Tags

The following is an excerpt from my new book The Kindle Publishing Bible available only on Amazon.

Categories are the second most important way new browsers on Amazon will find your book (unless you reach Amazon’s Top 100 overall list). But the largest source of traffic to your book page and sales from Amazon itself will be due to Amazon search.

Luckily, Amazon allows you to have some control over how your book appears in the Amazon Kindle Store search results. You can influence the search results by first of all doing your keyword research and putting your desired search keywords in your book’s tags, title and description.

In this chapter we’ll cover the exact process you can use for keyword research to choose the keywords that will lead to the most sales and then we’ll discuss how to add these keywords to your book’s tags.

Amazon Keyword Research

If you’ve ever done keyword research before for SEO purposes, this is a very similar process. For those of you who are totally new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s a very simple process and I’m going to walk you through it step-by-step so that you can apply it to your book page to sell more books.
The first thing you must do is keyword research.

Step 1. Google Keyword Research

Go to and search for a general keyword related to your topic. First of all, you will have to login to your Google account if you haven’t already.

I’ll use this book as an example. One of my keywords, I know, will be “how to sell more kindle books” so I’m going to type that keyword phrase into the Google Keyword Tool:

The next thing you must do is click the [Exact] button on the left side of the screen under the “Match Types” category:

It’s very important that you use Exact Match when searching for keywords. This tells Google that you want data for EXACT search terms – meaning Google will count the number of times someone typed in the exact words “how to sell more kindle books” – otherwise the data will be skewed with searches related to your search which doesn’t help you choose the right keyword.

Next, click the “Global Monthly Searches” bar to sort the keyword by the most searched.

With this search, Google gave me the following keywords which I think MIGHT help me sell more books (each of these keywords gets over 1,000 global monthly Exact searches on Google):

how to write a book
how to publish a book
self publishing
sell books online
writing a book
how to get published
kindle self publishing
write a book
selling books online
publish your own book
how to publish an ebook
how to write an ebook
book marketing
how to self publish a book
how to self publish
getting a book published

The next step is to use Amazon search to see which searches Amazon recommends.

Step 2. Amazon Keyword Research

Now that we have our preliminary list of keywords from Google, let’s head on over to’s Kindle Store search to see what Amazon recommends to searchers.

Make sure you search ONLY in the Amazon Kindle store when doing Amazon keyword research because otherwise your results will be skewed. You can access the Kindle Store only search function here:

Once I’m on Amazon’s Kindle Store, I’m going to type in my keywords into the search box. Notice how Amazon almost immediately starts recommending keywords and searches to me:

I simply wrote “how to write” and Amazon returned 10 other keywords and search terms including “how to write a book” and “how to write a novel” among others.

This means my keyword “how to write a book” is not only recommended by Google search, it’s also recommended by Amazon search! Meaning this is a GREAT keyword and I should definitely consider using this keyword in my book’s title, description and tags. Why? Because Amazon browsers AND Google searchers are both using this keyword to search for something – like my book!

Step 3. Keyword Relevance Check

The final step for keyword research is very subjective – this is the “art” of keyword research so to speak. My book isn’t technically about how to write a book – it’s really about how to sell more books on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

So if someone types into Amazon’s search box “how to write a book” and my book appeared, would they really want to click on it and buy it?
Now, you could argue either way. You could theorize that if someone is trying to figure out how to write a book then they will also want to know how to sell more books on Amazon Kindle and will therefore be very interested in my book. So this is a great keyword!

You could also argue that someone who’s searching for “how to write a book” isn’t yet ready to learn how to publish on Kindle because they first need to learn how to write their book before they can publish and sell it!

Which argument do you think is better? Should I use that keyword or not to try to attract more book sales?

Want to know my opinion? Check out my book page on Amazon and see if I used the keyword or not in my tags, title and/or book description!

What You Need To Know About Choosing Keywords

You might feel like I’m “leaving something out” here about choosing keywords but I’m not. That’s really all you need to know to use them to sell more books. The problem is that there’s a huge grey area – the area where your subjective opinion about what Amazon users are searching for meet the objective numbers from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Here’s my opinion: If you get stuck trying to choose one keyword over another that you found through either the Google Keyword Tool or Amazon Search suggestions, just choose the one. It doesn’t matter. Don’t get stuck in the nitty gritty. Don’t get “paralysis by analysis” as so many of us perfectionists tend to do. At the end of the day, one good keyword tag is better than not having any tags at all.

“An imperfect plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” – General George Patton

And the good news is you can always change your tags later if you change your mind or if the search results change.

Again, I want to caution you about spending too much time on keyword selection. Find your keywords on Google and Amazon, choose 15 or so you think are the best, tag your book and be done with it knowing confidently in your heart that it’s better to have mediocre tags than no tags and you can always change it later.

How To Add Your Keywords To Your Book Tags

Once you’ve completed the above 3-step process and created a list of 15-30 high quality, relevant keywords for your book, it’s time to add your top 15 keywords to your book tags (Amazon only allows 15 book tags per user).

You can only tag your book once it’s published. Then just go to your book page on Amazon and scroll down until you see the section “Tags Customers Associate With This Product.”

Here you can add up to 15 tags.

Each tag should be a unique keyword phrase that you did research on before. Add your top 15 tags to your book and voila! You’re all done.

How To Get More Than 15 Tags

Let’s say you did very thorough keyword research and found 27 ideal keywords that you would love to use for your book. Well, you can’t fit all those keywords into your 15 tag limit! So you’re going to have to find someone else who would be willing to tag your book for you.

You can call a close friend or business partner and ask them to tag your book with the extra keywords. I highly recommend doing this – the more keyword tags you have, the more likely you are to have your book appear in search results and the more sales you will generate.

Your 7 Search Keywords

In addition to tags on your book page, Amazon allows you to choose 7 search keywords to add to your book when you upload it to Kindle. If you want to change these 7 search keywords at any time, just edit your book and change them.

Whereas any customer or Amazon user can tag your book with any tag they see fit, only you, the author, can choose these 7 search keywords and tell Amazon what keywords are important for your book – so choose the top seven keywords you think will lead to the most sales for you!

Search Example

I want to give you an example of keyword searches in Amazon’s Kindle store so you can get a feel for how it works. I searched for “love” and received 77,727 results! That’s a LOT of competition for that keyword – which should be expected because it’s such a common word and it’s a one-word keyword. Keyword phrases with multiple words will be naturally less competitive – and more conducive to increasing your sales.

Next, I searched for “How To Love A Pet” and Amazon only gave me 14 results for this search, meaning it’s MUCH less competitive and easier to rank highly for.

Notice that the keyword phrase “How to love a pet” is so much more targeted and narrowed down than the general keyword “love.” It’s a lot more specific. Remember that someone who types “love” into a search box might just be browsing or researching – but someone who types in a specific phrase like “how to write an ebook” is much more likely to be a buyer because they’re looking for something very specific.

Ideally, you want high quality relevant keywords for your tags that are also not highly competitive. How do you know if it’s highly competitive? Well, the easiest way is to just check your own search results for your keywords after 2-3 weeks on Amazon. Does your book come up in the top 10 or farther down the list? If your book is in the top 10, congratulations! You’re likely to get sales from that keyword if it’s well-chosen. If you’re much farther down then you may need to wait longer for your book to rise up in the search results.

Note: Amazon, unlike other search engines, ranks search results not just by “keyword relevance” but also by sales rankings. What does that mean? Well, Amazon wants to sell more books so they have a part of their search results algorithm that calculates how many copies your book has sold and compares it to others in the search results. The bottom line is that if you sell more books, your search results in Amazon will improve over time. This benefits Amazon because they sell more books and it benefits you because you sell more books when you follow the strategies in this book!

After you’ve tagged your book with your ideal keywords, wait 2-3 weeks and then search for your 15 or more keywords that you and your friend tagged your book with. If you’re appearing in the top 10 of those keywords, congratulations! That is a great keyword for your book and is likely going to lead to new sales.

If you find your book is not in the top 10 or top 20 search results, then that keyword is too competitive for your book right now. At this point, you have choices. Either you can change the tag to a different keyword and test it out or you can add that competitive keyword to your book’s title or description as we will cover in the coming chapters.

Different Tags for Different Versions

By the way, different versions of a book will have different tags. For example, a book published in paperback as well as Kindle will have different and separate tags for the paperback sales page and the Kindle sales page. So make sure you utilize good relevant tags for each version of your book!
The same holds true for books in different Amazon store countries like the US, UK, Germany, Italy and Japan!

Action Steps

Do your keyword research for Google and Amazon and add your keyword tags to your book.

This was an excerpt from my new book The Kindle Publishing Bible available only on Amazon.

5 Steps To Guest Blogging Traffic – Interview With Alex Mandossian

I was so humbled recently to be interviewed by the King of Internet Marketing, Mr. Alex Mandossian. Alex and I talked about how to get EXPOSURE for your business and blog online using guest blogging.

In the interview, I share the 5 simple steps to getting published as a guest blogger.

1. Find Bloggers In Your Niche

2. Research Them!

3. Contact Them In A Professional Manner

4. Build The Relationship

5. Follow Up (You’ll be amazed at the opportunities you’ll receive from guest blogging)

Get all the details on the 5 steps in the interview below!

Ten Steps To Staying Focused On Your Objectives

Wiz’s Ten Steps To Staying Focused On Your Objectives

Maximize your time by being productive


The goal is to live a full, productive life even with all that ambiguity.

Multitasking is a best way in order to maximize your time however, there will be chances that your work will be low in quality. Not everybody can do multitasking also because it requires a lot of skill and expertise.

One of the ways to maximize time is by avoiding distractions around us. Most especially the unnecessary things because it will just make our work delay and waste our precious time. Time is very important in our lives and it’s one thing we can never get back once it was lost. That is why time should be spent well in a more productive and essential matter.

In this article, I’am not giving ways how to manage time but ways on how to avoid distractions:

  • Avoid procrastination

Do the things you can do now and avoid procrastination. Sometimes we just settle for the things we can accomplish in a day without basing it on our goals and objectives that we set. The purpose of making a to-do-list is to follow it through. Don’t depend that you have so much time in the future. Finish what you can finish now in order for you to enjoy your free time as well.

When it comes to priorities, put on the top list what is most essential and try to avoid unnecessary things when you are working. For example, you know that you have a lot of things to do but you chose to be with your friends partying. It is really okay to enjoy but you must know where to put it.

  • Loud music or noises

When working, sometimes it is very distracting to work on a noisy and crowded place. If you want to work efficiently, choose also a place that is relaxing, conducive for working and comfortable.

Sometimes you must also choose music that suits the task that you have to do, If is more on mental work, try a more mellow and smooth music in order for you to concentrate more.

  • Exhaustion and fatigue could hinder your productivity.

Of course if you are tired, your tendency is to sleep and have a rest. However, if you still insist to work, it will just alter the quality of your work and may affect you.

Whenever tired and exhausted, try to take a power nap for 15-20 minutes in order to get back your energy for work.

  • Social media and technologies

Nowadays, there a lot of social and entertainment media around. Gadgets, high technologies are also one of the hindrance of our productivity because aside to work, we are tempted to use these things for recreations and sometimes we stick to it and therefore, our tasks are also stucked.

So, just try to prioritize first. These social media and technologies are not bad but they should be used in the proper time, place a timing in order for us to finish our work on time, in a great quality in order for us to reach our goals. 

How to Find Amazon Top Reviewers In Your Niche And Their Emails

Special Google Short Code (Jus copy and paste it): “top 1000 reviewer” “your keyword/genre” “e-mail:” site:

Simply type the code into Google with your keyword or genre, for example:

“top 1000 reviewer” “romance” “e-mail:” site:

Here’s what the results look like below. Notice 31 Top 1000 reviewers with the word “romance” in their profile and their email listed.

The 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners

Biggest Social Media Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners

1) Not Getting Started

If you have customers chances are they’ve already searched for your business on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. If you’re not there you’re missing a chance to connect with your customers and prospects and benefit from their word of mouth marketing for you!

2) Being Inconsistent

Posting 10 tweets a day for a week and then doing nothing for a month looks like you’re not serious about your business. Don’t let your customers get the wrong impression about your company because of the way you manage your social media accounts! Always remember that in any form of marketing consistency is the key to success

3) Not Having A System

A social media marketing system will save you and your employees hundreds of wasted hours trying to find content to post, trying to decide what to say and how to say it and when to post it. Instead, just create a simple daily checklist of all the social media activities that need to get done in your business. Even if you’re a solo-preneur, create a checklist. Then when you grow, you can just hand the checklist to your virtual assistant or employee and the job will be done just as well as you did by yourself!

BIO: Tom Corson-Knowles is the international best-selling author of How To Make Money With Twitter and Facebook For Business Owners, among others. Tom is a social media marketing consultant and blogs regularly about social media and marketing your business on Twitter. You can connect with Tom on Twitter and Facebook.

Be A Good Blogger

tips to be a good blogger

Being a good blogger doesn’t happen overnight

Be a good blogger requires a lot of skill and experience, you will not achieve it overnight. Posting everyday and hearing your readers’ comments may help you improve into a better one. Just always remember that whatever comments you receive, take it a challenge. If your readers’ comments are good, make a way to maintain it. However, if there are times that we receive negative comments, take it as a perseverance  to be better. Actually both ways could lead you to success.

Below are the things you must do in order to be a good blogger:

  • Be you!

Being a blogger, being original is very important. Original in terms of your blog’s content and not anybody’s work. What is the key in this work is that you make your own name out of your effort not by someone else.

  • Post blogs as often as possible

Write as much as possible in order for your readers to have a reason to return. Make them thirsty of your work in order for them to crave for it every day. In this way, you may able to produce traffic to your site. Being consistent and updated with your work could show that you are interested with your work as well.

  • Write with passion

Writing is a skill and it is practiced over the years. However, there are instances that we cannot avoid that we are tired and not in the mood. So, if these instances happen, do not write for the sake that you have to write. Write because you love to and it is your passion.

You can always tell which blogs came from the heart because you can read their love and commitment for the work.

  • Make your site open to everyone

Invite readers to your site. Not just that, accept their comments as well, either good or bad. Many comments would always mean that there is a traffic to your site which is good.

Make also an effort to invite other bloggers by reaching them through their mail or by leaving also a comment on their blog. Through your comment, people will see how substantial your comments are and will find interest in you.

  • Organize your site

Making your site very simple and manageable, readers will not have a difficulty. But, if your site is very complicated, they have all the reason to leave.

  • Write with substance and have focus

The most important is that you write with substance and with good content. Remember that what you write reflects what kind of person are you. So, if you want to be respected, write in a manner that readers would respect you.

And lastly, have focus! Do not jump to one topic to another topic. Concentrate to your topic so that readers could understand what you want to say.

Developing as a good blogger may be difficult at first but constant practice may mold you a better one. Obstacles and challenges may come along your way but just take it as a trial for your business and to you personally as a person.



How To Choose Your Business Entity – Nellie Akalp Interview

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nellie Akalp, the founder of Corpnet, about what new entrepreneurs need to know about starting a business and getting it legal. In the interview, Nellie covers everything you need to know about choosing a new business entity whether it’s an LLC, S Corp, C Corp or Partnership. We also discuss some simple solutions for busy business owners to outsource the work so you can focus on growing and building your business without the stress, hassles and headache of corporate paperwork.

Whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur or just someone who wants to learn more about business entities and choosing the right structure for your business, this interview is for you. So grab your notebook and a pen and prepare to take great notes! You can watch the 28 minute interview below.

You can learn more about Nellie and Corpnet at where you can also get your business entity paperwork taken care of as well as trademarks and other document filing services.

Want free training on how to grow your business online? Join as at for a free video training course on how to create your own business blog and get thousands of leads a month for your business.

Have any questions about choosing the right entity for your business? Post your comments below and we’ll make sure you get all your questions answered!

Blog Promotion: The Most Powerful Technique in Marketing

blog promotions

Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.

Blog promotions have been considered as the most powerful strategy in marketing our products. It is one of the most important marketing schemes we should consider because it is the most helpful way to boost business. According to Marketing professionals, blog promotions contribute a great factor in their sales of their products.

Since blogs have been exposed in the world wide web, it has really a great chance that people may see it. So, when putting a great blog promotion, there are factors that we should consider. Factors that would not just get our customer’s attention but to improve our sales too.

Here are those:

  • Make an attention-grabbing content

In blog promotions, not just the presentation is important but also the content of your blog. It has been considered as the center point of your market. It is the basis of persuading customers of your products. It is where you put what your products is all about, who is your target clients, why should they purchase your product and what benefits they could get. In the content, you should make sure that you can convince and influence your prospect buyers.

  • Right tags should be used properly

Most readers find the blog they want to read through the tags. So, when writing an article or a blog, make sure you include right tags in order for your article to be searched in the Search Engine Oprimizer.

  • Make use of other bloggers

Other bloggers may seem to be your competitors, but do you know that they can also help you promote in your business? Through sharing your page links to their pages could also give traffic to your site. So, there could be a great chance for your site to be visited.

  • Articles could be a great help

If you are passionate about writing, make it a habit to write one topic each day and post it to your site. In this way, you could share your ideas and point of views to a certain topic and readers may find it very helpful, so they will read your articles every day and may share it to their friends.

Give importance also to their comments about your article. Appreciate and thank them whatever comments they will post because it will help you improve your articles.

  •  Try video Marketing

Videos could get readers attention because it is easier than reading. So, if you put video on your site it could attract more readers to visit your blog site.

Video Marketing is another way also to consider to increase your sales. It may require you a lot of time, but it could give you more prospects also.

Promoting your blog to earn big sales of your products could be very difficult at first, but if you if you keep track of these steps and strategies, surely it will help you a lot and many customers is along your way. Just have solid faith and confidence in yourself because you are the way to go.