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Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing Case Study

So far I’ve published 8 books on Amazon Kindle in the past two months. Below are my results so far for my free promos and October sales. This month I earned over $300 in royalties plus several hundred more in affiliate sales from these books.

My book promotion strategy (mostly borrowed and adapted from other authors).

Kindle eBook Promotion Step-By-Step

If you have 5+ reviews and average 4-star rating, submit your book here:

If you have 13+ reviews and average 4-star rating, submit your book here:

Pre-Free Promo Launch Promotion

Submit up to 3 press releases here ($25 per PR web promo):

Alternative: Free press release distribution at

Set up FACEBOOK ADS before your promo starts and get your ads approved

Free Kindle Book Listings (Must schedule 1 week ahead of promo)

1) Pixel of Ink

2) Ereader News Today

3) Bargain Ebook Hunter

4 That Book Place

5) Indie Book of the Day

6) Free Book Dude


8) Awesome Gang
9) Free Kindle Books & Tips

10) Frugal Reader

11) Kindle Finds

12) Kindle Book Review

During Free Promotion

Do all of these activities the morning your free promo goes live.
1) Upload a photo of your Book Cover to Facebook along with the link to your book. If you have a fan page, promote the post to reach more people.

2) If you have a Facebook Fan Page, post a Facebook Offer for people to grab your book for free during the promo.


4) Post on Addicted To Ebooks

5) Post on Daily Free Ebooks

6) Post to Daily Cheap Reads

7) Post to ereaderiq

8) Post to Best Ebooks World

9) Post to Free Kindle Books Facebook pages:

My Results So far

Dr. Corson’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips

Free Units sold: 1882

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 20

How To Make Money With Twitter

Free Units sold: 924

Current Price: $2.99

Books sold October, 2012: 45

How To Reduce Your Debt Overnight

Free Units sold: 760

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 46

Rich By 22

Free Units sold: 840

Current Price: $2.99

Books sold October, 2012: 8

The Blog Business Book

Free Units sold: 1525

Current Price: $2.99

Books sold October, 2012: 46

The Vertical Gardening Guidebook

Free Units sold: 5273

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 191 + 14 borrows

The Network Marketing Manual

Free Units sold: Free promo scheduled for 11/03/12 – 11/06/12

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 7

Facebook For Business Owners

Free Units sold: Free promo not yet scheduled

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 35

Facebook For Business Owners Now Available On

My new book Facebook For Business Owners: Facebook Marketing For Fan Page Owners and Small Businesses is now available on for a limited time for just $0.99!

In this life-changing book, you’ll learn all my secrets of Facebook Marketing for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

Facebook For Business Owners Book picture

Facebook For Business Owners is the ultimate guide to Facebook marketing!

In this life-changing book, you will learn:

How to setup your Facebook profile if you’re brand new

How to create a Facebook fan page

How to connect your profile and your fan page to drive more traffic to your fan page

How to get at least 500 new fans a month

How to capture leads on Facebook and build your email list

How to use Facebook Ads like a pro

How to use Facebook Apps to grow your business

How to outsource your Facebook marketing step-by-step

…and so much more!

Grab your copy today on

How To Find An Amazing Virtual Assistant For Less Than $400 A Month!

So you want a Virtual Assistant, huh?

Well you have several options. Most people will say you should hire a high quality VA agency to work for you. The problem with this is the cost – it’s going to cost you 2 to 5 times as much as hiring someone on your own!

Here’s how I find  an incredibly helpful Virtual Assistant or freelancer to work for me for cheap.

1. Go To Craigslist Phillippines and post an ad.

Go to Craiglist Phillippines here.

2. What To Post

Here’s a copy of the exact post  I ran on Craiglist – feel free to emulate!


“I need an experienced Virtual Assistant with excellent English speaking and writing skills. You must be able to make phone calls to the US as well from time to time.

I’m looking for a very positive, enthusiastic candidate with a great attitude and willingness to learn.

Tasks will include posting articles on my WordPress blogs, writing articles for my blogs, researching information for book projects and other miscellaneous tasks.

This will be a full-time position (40 hours a week). Highly prefer candidates with Time Tracking software.

Starting pay will be $300 a month + bonuses for exceptional work and meeting milestones


Must be able to use Skype to communicate with me on a regular basis
Must have experience with WordPress and blogging
Must have EXCELLENT English speaking and writing skills
Must be able to research and write high quality articles related to marketing, business and personal productivity.”


How To Market Your Videos Online

1. Pick a great title that includes your keywords and draws people in. For example, if your keyword is “hot dogs then a video title like “WARNING! Don’t try this hot dog trick at home” will draw in a lot of attention while still utilizing your keyword.
2. Add tags for the video. Tags are like keywords you’re targeting. Use at least 3-5 tags.
3. Add a useful, detailed description. Google indexes the text in video descriptions so make sure it includes your keywords as well as some useful information about what the video is about. Also include links to your website, Twitter and Facebook and any other relevant links.

Facebook For Business Owners Book

Facebook For Business Owners is your complete guide to setting up a new Facebook account, creating a Facebook Fan Page for your business and turning your Facebook presence into new sales online.

Facebook For Business Owners picture

Facebook For Business Owners is now available on for $0.99 for a limited time!

Learn how to get over 500 new Facebook fans every month and turn you fans into lifelong customers using this proven strategy for Facebook marketing and monetization.

Written by a successful online marketer and social media marketing consultant, this no fluff step-by-step guide will teach you:

How to create a new Facebook Fan Page

How to attract at least 500 new fans a month

How to set up Facebook landing pages to capture leads and turn them into sales

How to use Facebook ads to dramatically increase your profits and sales online

How to find content that your fans will LOVE and look forward to every day

How to use Facebook Insights to make better marketing decisions

How to use the NEW Facebook Offers

How to use Facebook Promoted posts (and when to use them to get a 100x return on your investment!)

…and much more!

This book will help your dramatically increase your profits online and will turn Facebook time into a fun way to earn more money and grow your business.

I have over 10,000 fans on my personal fan page and have several businesses with over 10,000 fans as well. Not only that but my fan pages actually make me money day in and day out.

This book isn’t written by some academic or sketchy marketer who’s just trying to hop on the latest fad. It’s written by a successful online marketer, author and social media consultant who’s been active on Facebook since just a few months after it came out.

Grab your copy here.

Advanced Facebook Profile Timeline Setup (Tutorial)

Advanced Profile Setup

Okay, now you’ve set up your personal Facebook profile, connected with your friends and posted your first status update! Good for you!

Next, it’s time for some advanced profile setup. I recommend you do this advanced work as soon as you can but it’s not 100% necessary to do right away.

This advanced setup will help make your profile look more complete and professional and aid you in marketing your business online (which is what this book is all about!).

So let’s get to work!

Step 1. Upload a Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook now gives you two photos on your profile page. The first, which you’ve already uploaded, is called your Facebook Profile Picture. The second is your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo.

When you login to Facebook and see your newsfeed (home page), there are two places you can click to access your profile page. 1) Click your name or picture on the top left of the screen or 2) click your name or picture on the top right of the screen.

Once you’ve clicked your name/photo, you should see your profile page. It should look like this (except yours will be a bit more empty looking):

The part of the profile above that is surrounded by red marker is the Timeline Cover Photo. Yours should be blank. To edit it, simply scroll over that empty space and you will see a button that says, “Change Cover” – Scroll over that and click “Upload a Photo.” Then, you can upload your Timeline Cover Photo.

Note: Your Timeline Cover Photo area size is 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall. It’s okay if your picture is bigger than that because Facebook will crop it for you.

What kind of cover photo should you upload?

There are all kinds of cover photos you can upload. If your primary goal is to market your business, then uploading a photo that brands you is a good idea. For example, if you’re a dog groomer, your Timeline cover photo could include a picture of a dog getting a beautiful groom and maybe a tagline as well that says “New England’s #1 Dog Groomer!”

You can always change your cover photo and profile picture later so don’t worry about being perfect right now!

Note: If you need someone to design the graphics for you for your cover photo, try using where you can find someone to do it for you for just $5!

Step 2. Update Your Profile Information

The next thing you should do is update your info on your profile. To do that, click the “Update Info” button to the right of your name just under your Timeline Cover Photo.


Facebook Update Info picture

Click “Update Info” to edit your personal Facebook profile information.

Once you click Update Info, you should see a page that looks like this.


Facebook Update Info Step 2 picture

Your Facebook profile information waiting to be updated.

On this page, you can add any jobs you’ve had or currently have and any education you’ve received from pre-schools to universities. I recommend adding your current job or business, your high school and college to your profile. This will help you connect with colleagues, promote your current business/job and connect with classmates from high school and college.

Next, you can write a bit more about yourself in the “About You” section. I recommend just writing at least a few sentences to let people know who you are and what you’re up to in life.

Next, you can edit your “Living” section to include your hometown and your current city you’re living in – this will help make local connections for you and your business.

Next, you can edit your “Basic Info” including any languages you speak, religious views and political views.

Next, you can edit your “Contact Info” – make SURE to include your website for your business here as well as any other websites you would like to list. Also list a phone number (just visible to your friends on Facebook) and an email!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to contact someone on Facebook to do business with them and they didn’t have their contact info – so I decided to work with someone else instead. Don’t let that happen to you!

Finally, you can edit your “Favorite Quotations” section by adding any of your favorite quotes that you’d like to feature on your profile.

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

Congratulations! You’ve completed the “hard work” of filling out your profile on Facebook completely. Now let’s get to the good stuff – how to market your business on Facebook using a Facebook Fan Page.

How To Monetize Video Views For Your Small Businesses

How To Monetize Video Views For Your Small Businesses

1. Include a Call To Action

Always include a call to action at the end of every video. For example, “Go to to get your free training on how to start a blog.” Giving away a free ebook, training video or helpful information in return for a prospects’ email info can be a great way to build your database and increase your sales. If you’re not giving away free stuff in your videos, you’re missing out on a lot of new business.

2. AdSense

If you’re signed up with Google AdSense and host your videos on YouTube, you can monetize your videos with Google’s Ads. Expect to earn anywhere from $1 to $5 per 1,000 views

3. Get A Sponsor

If you’re running a web TV show using video, you can get sponsorships for your videos and use the sponsorship money to grow your business and your brand.

How To Setup Your Personal Facebook Profile In 5 Minutes (Tutorial)

Okay, this chapter is for those of you who are brand new to Facebook. If you already have a personal profile, you can skip this chapter (although you may find the section on your Timeline cover photos to be quite useful).

How To Setup Your Personal Facebook Profile

Step 1. Go to


Facebook Home Page picture

Step 1. Go to to get started!

Step 2. Fill in Your Info

You will need to fill in your first and last name, email, password, sex and birthday to join Facebook.

Step 3. Invite Your Friends To Connect

Next, Facebook will ask you to connect with your friends who are already on Facebook. To do so, simply pick your email service you use and login with that password – Facebook will automatically show you all your friends who you’ve emailed that are already on Facebook and you can add them all with the click of a button.

Note: Unless you are a celebrity or extremely well-known, I HIGHLY recommend you add everyone you know as a friend on Facebook. This will dramatically increase the size of your network and help you in your online marketing efforts.

You never know how big a difference just one person could make! Treasure each of those connections.


Facebook Home Page step 2 picture

Step 23. Invite your friends to connect with you on Facebook.

Step 4. Fill In Your Education & Work Info

Next, just fill in your high school, college and current employer information (it’s okay to leave it blank if you didn’t graduate from college or what not). I highly recommend filling out this info so that you can connect with past schoolmates and your co-workers.

Again, this will increase the size of your network and help you in your marketing efforts.

Facebook Home Page Step 3

Step 5. Upload a Profile Picture

Next, Facebook will ask you to upload a picture of yourself. It’s best to get a headshot of you. If not, any photo of you that will be recognizable to your friends will do.

I highly recommend putting a photo of yourself on your profile! You’ll see some people who put photos of their children, pets or some random picture there – I DO NOT recommend that. It looks VERY unprofessional and will not help you in your marketing efforts.

Step 6. Post a Status Update and Celebrate!

Next, it’s time to post your first “status update” on Facebook. This is a public message that your friends will be able to see when they login to Facebook or look at your profile.

The very next page after uploading your profile picture is called your “Newsfeed” or your personal Facebook Home page. In the middle, you will see photos, videos and text updates from your friends.

At the top in the middle there is a small box that says “What’s on your mind?”

Click in that box and you can type in your first status update on Facebook – anything will do!

If you don’t know what to type just copy and paste this,

“This is my first status update on Facebook! Thanks to Facebook For Business Owners I’m finally on Facebook!”

Radio and Television Ads vs. Facebook Marketing – No Competition!

Radio Advertising and Marketing

Radio, too, is a dying industry. It’s certainly not as bad as the newspaper industry, but it is changing rapidly.

Today, anyone can create a radio show. It’s called a podcast show or internet radio show and there are millions of them. In fact, I have two internet radio shows myself with thousands of loyal listeners.

And how much did it cost me to attract thousands of loyal listeners to my internet radio show? About $20 a month for hosting. Not a bad investment.

Compare that with radio advertising where you could easily burn through $2,000 a month and still not be sure if it’s actually creating new sales for you.

Radio is dying for a number of reasons. Internet radio shows like mine are certainly a reason – more and more people are tuning into internet radio and podcasts to learn more about the subjects they’re interested in or to listen to the type of music they want to without interruptions from advertisers.

Then there’s Sirius and XM radio and they’ve changed the whole game. Instead of listening to ads and just a few radio stations in your car, you can pay a subscription and get a virtually unlimited selection of radio and avoid all the ads.

There’s also the whole smartphone and ipod revolution. I see more people listening to their iPods in their car than people who still listen to the radio. And why wouldn’t they?

Honestly, if you had the choice of taking a chance with radio music vs. playing your own favorite songs whenever you wanted, which would you choose?

You see, today is the age of modern media. And modern media is all about consumer choice. Consumers want instant access to what they want. They don’t want commercial breaks or yesterday’s news. They don’t want to listen to country when what they really love to hear is jazz. Everything’s changed.

And Facebook is a huge part of that change as you will soon see…

Television Advertising and Marketing

Although some bloggers say the television industry is dying, I don’t agree with them. The television industry is certainly changing but I don’t think it’s dying (yet).

There are still over 100 million cable TV subscribers in the United States and last time I checked the average American was still watching 4 hours of TV a day.

But the industry is definitely changing! Now with Tivo, consumers can never watch a commercial again – and they love that idea!

Although television advertising is still big business, it’s not profitable for 99% of small businesses. Don’t believe me? Go blow $10,000 on a small TV spot and let me know how much profit you make on that deal.

Some people say it’s internet TV that’s killing television but I’m not sure I agree. Sure, YouTube is awesome and so are Netflix and other services online.

But when it comes to YouTube shows vs. Television shows, there’s still a huge gap in quality. This gap is quickly shrinking, however, with more independent online videographers learning about newer, cheaper and more efficient ways to create high quality video online.

The fact of the matter is this: If you want to advertise your small business and have a choice between television and YouTube, YouTube is far better!

First of all, you can test much easier with YouTube. Creating a YouTube video for promoting your business can be done with the iPhone or other smart phone you probably already have (or just borrow your friends’ phone!)

Then, you can promote it with some simple YouTube ads or even Facebook ads. By the time you’ve spent $100 on ads for that video, you will already know whether or not it’s a profitable advertising campaign.

Compare that to traditional TV advertising where it’s probably going to cost you a few thousand dollars JUST to create the video for your spot. Then, air time is going to cost you a lot more.

Which risk would you rather take? Big risk or small risk?

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you’d rather test the smaller risk first. I don’t know about you but I’d rather take a small risk and then scale up once it’s profitable rather than take a big risk and hope that I get rich before I go broke. How about you?

Why Use Facebook For Business? It’s All About Marketing!

Why use Facebook for your business?

Why do over 1 billion people use Facebook on a regular basis?

Why is Facebook the best option in the entire world of HIGHLY TARGETED advertising campaigns?

Why is every single Fortune 500 company in the world actively marketing their business on Facebook?

Why are online marketers (like me) raving about Facebook’s potential for growing a small business?

But even more importantly… why is it worth your time to learn how to use Facebook in the first place?

Facebook For Business picture

Why use Facebook for business?

Let me answer this most important question first. You see, I believe it’s worth your time to learn how to use Facebook because it is THE MEDIA of today and tomorrow.

You see, in the past the media was television, newspapers and radio. Big companies would spend big advertising budgets on ads in each of these forms of media and, for the most part, these campaigns would be profitable.

Today, everything has changed…

Newspaper Advertising and Marketing

Newspapers are going of business left and right. Heck, people are wondering if the New York Times, the most prestigious Newspaper business in the world, will go out of business (and for good reason – they are certainly in financial trouble).

The newspaper business is in serious trouble. It’s dying. It’s changing. It probably won’t be around much longer, and if it does continue, it won’t continue in the same way – things will have to change. It’s become virtually impossible to create or sustain a profitable newspaper business in the new age of media where the internet is king and newspapers are old news.

But with the dying newspaper industry, can’t you get some screaming hot deals on newspaper ads? I mean, it’s always easier to negotiate with companies that are in financial trouble, right?

Well, yes, that’s true… you can probably negotiate a better deal now on newspaper ads than ever before in the history of the world – but do you really want to invest your time, money, energy and effort in learning how to master advertising in a media that is dying?

I know I don’t! If I’m going to master advertising, I want to do it in a media that is growing or at least staying stable and has a good chance of lasting. Why spent all that time and energy learning something that might not even be useful in a few years?

I have a feeling that this internet thing isn’t going away. I mean, people aren’t going to wake up someday and say, “You know what, instead of reading about today’s news today, I’d like to wait and read about it tomorrow in a newspaper – and while I’m at it, I’d like to pay for that privilege of seeing the news a day late as well.” Not gonna happen!

Now, certainly, there are similarities between advertising in all media – and you can often apply lessons from one type of ad to another type. But if you’re going to build a successful business, you need to become a master at advertising and marketing – not just a dabbler. Why not master the important stuff?

I think the internet and Facebook are important media and they will remain important for a long time.

What do you think? Post your comments and thoughts below!