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Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Video Content

Mobile, mobile, mobile! Everyone is talking about mobile domains, mobile-friendly websites, mobile content, mobile video, mobile advertising. Sounds like a bubble, doesn’t it?

But everyone agrees that mobile is the next big thing – and mobile traffic is growing at a blistering pace. I remember when people used to just twiddle their thumbs in public when they were bored – now everyone’s tweeting, liking, friending, googling, texting, and flickr’ing in public on their smart phones. The old days of the internet are gone, forever – and now it’s time to embrace mobile to truly grow your business in the future.

That’s why mobile video is such an important piece of marketing. We all know video is huge – in fact, it’s the #1 most used resource on the web – video. And it’s growing rapidly on mobile devices. So if you’re not offering mobile video, you’re missing out!

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Video Content

Here’s the Top 5 Reasons Why You MUST Use Mobile Video:

1. User Engagement

Users are more engaged with video on a mobile device than when on a computer. Smaller screen = smaller space for other things to be going on. Need a statistic? According to a report by Rhythm New Media, viewers engage with mobile video 25% longer than online video.

2. Mobile Saturation

Everyone (well, 89% of adults in the US) has a cell phone. In fact, as of February of this year, Pew Research gathered that more cell phone owners own smartphones than simple phones. What does this mean? You want your content on a mobile device.

And what’s better than reaching the majority? Reaching everyone. Thwapr’s content can be sent to any device, any time. The best part about this app is that it doesn’t exclude those who don’t have smartphones. Everyone can participate!

3. Video Is Huge

Video is the next (and possibly final) frontier. With photography being seamlessly mobile (Facebook uploads, TwitPic, etc.) and various photo apps being sought out ($1 billion dollars for Instagram!), there is only one way to go. And that’s up. People like instant. People like to feel involved. With more and more phones having video capability, why limit yourself in the ways you can share it?

4. Monetization!

With more and more people using video on their phone, there is more and more space for selling ads, driving visitors to various websites, and getting your point across to a wide audience. According to Fierce Wireless, mobile video will make up 66% of data traffic by 2015. In 2010 alone, there was a rise of 3x in mobile video views — 200 million daily.

5.  One Third Watch Mobile Video

eMarketer predicts that 1 in 3 Americans will watch mobile video content on their phones by the year 2016. Those numbers say it all.

How To Increase Your Klout Score And Get +K

I’m just a young entrepreneur and have been steadily increasing my Klout Score naturally over time. You can see my profile here with 53 and rising –


Here are the basic keys to increasing your Klout Score:

1. Make sure you connect every social networking account to your main Klout account.
Right now this means Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIN, YouTube, Tumblr and Blogger. The more accounts you have, the better, because Klout will see your activity across all different platforms.
2. Focus on just one or two networks as your main influencers.
Instead of trying to master every network, just choose one or two to focus on mostly. Most people choose Twitter or Facebook, or Twitter and YouTube – doesn’t really matter as long as you choose those two, focus on them, and create really great content for each one.
3. Get into discussions, not just sharing content.
You need to share great content on these networks so that people will like what you are sharing and amplify your message – but the real key to getting engagement is to join and create discussions through Social Media that will attract more people to you.
For example, instead of just tweeting about your new blog post, tweet your blog post with a hashtag of a relevant discussion that’s already going on. Or even better, find out what kind of problems people are tweeting about and then go write the article to solve their problem – then tweet it to that discussion to let them know you’ve done your research and come up with some answers that might help.
4. Be Helpful!
Above all, be helpful to other people – and you’ll find many more people will be interacting with you on Social Media and increasing your Klout Score.
5. Connect With Influencers
You can spend all the time in the world just talking to people who have small networks, who can amplify your message a little bit, but won’t get you massive exposure. To do that, you need to connect with influencers. There are websites you can check to find the relevant influencers on the social network of your preference, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or something else.
Once you find the influencers in your niche that you want to build a relationship with, start following them, start leaving comments, start mentioning them, and send them a personalized e-mail asking them to connect / tweet your message or collaborate in some other way. You won’t get them all to say yes – but all you really need is one huge influencer to go viral and dramatically increase your Klout Score and +K!

Internet Marketing Campaign Essentials

Using good strategies for an Internet marketing campaign is essential to the success of any online business. The world of Internet marketing is always evolving with new conventions and channels for reaching a wider audience. In order to maintain a competitive edge, online businesses need to make sure they are implementing effective marketing campaigns for its brand and market on many platforms. In addition, businesses need to keep abreast to Google’s algorithm updates.

Internet Marketing picture

Dominating your competition online requires using not just one traffic generation strategy, but many interconnected strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Because consumers often use more than one social platform, a strong social influence-marketing program will target multiple social networks. Social media marketing places a brand in front of thousands of consumers, and these platforms are a quick and easy way to gain exposure. Essential social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • My Space
  • Blogosphere
  • Niche Social Platforms

Facebook is the world’s largest social network and is ideal for Internet marketing. There are a number of ways to market on Facebook, including Facebook’s PPC platform. Cost per click is modest, and audiences can be targeted by likes and interests. Facebook also has a notes application where articles can be posted and shared. My Space is an excellent platform for entertainment related businesses and features banner advertisements. Twitter has evolved into a news and brand marketing platform and is ideal for developing and forging personal relationships with customers. YouTube is a powerful marketing platform with custom channels. With engaging video, businesses can expand their brand. Blogger outreach programs can also funnel new customers. Niche social platforms, such as LinkedIn and Café Mom, are ideal platforms to conduct research and focus in on specific niches.

Mobile Internet Website Marketing

Mobile website internet marketing is one of the latest emerging marketing trends. A high-impact marketing campaign that is optimized for the mobile market is a great way to expand a business’s brand. With over 70 percent of Smartphone users using mobile internet combined with 90 million mobile internet subscribers today, many businesses are taking advantage of mobile website marketing. Mobile websites can be optimized for a broad array of mobile devices and integrated with an online commerce system. Mobile websites can include merchandise, coupons and videos and have a click-to-call feature for instant contact. This also makes it easy for consumers to follow brands on social media sites.

Original and Quality Content

A website with original and quality content is vital for high search engine rankings and should be a part of any Internet marketing campaign. With the Panda updates to Google’s algorithm, many high-ranking websites like eHow and Suit 101 have experienced a dramatic decrease in SERP rankings. These sites were penalized for duplicate content, spelling errors, poorly written content and an over-emphasis on keywords. To optimize a website’s ranking in search, it is essential that a site have high quality, updated and original content.

There are many internet marketing strategies, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best. Many factors, such as business industry and competition, will play a role in which platform is most effective. While many marketing gurus feel mobile marketing is the wave of the future and others feel social media is most effective, implementing a broad range of Internet marketing campaigns and staying in-the-loop with new platforms is the best strategy.

How To Treat Your Affiliates: LeadsMarket Case Study

As anyone who’s an affiliate marketer can tell you, it can be a huge pain in the ass bank account to work with some merchants – they don’t pay, they pay too slow, they close up business before sending our checks, etc, etc… As an affiliate marketer, you just have to understand that every once in awhile you’re going to end up doing business with some jerk who will try to rip you off.

That is, unless you only use Clickbank – but if you do, then you’re limiting yourself from earning a lot more income from promoting some great programs that are managed outside of Clickbank. A lot of merchants use Infusionsoft or another backend because it allows them to reduce their overhead without the CB fees, and even allows them to pay 2nd tier commissions to affiliates – which can definitely add up for big super affiliates.

Here’s what you should look for in any affiliate program to make sure it’s going to be a good partnership – and that you’re going to get paid.

LeadsMarket Case Study

LeadsMarket is a marketplace for affiliates to sell payday loan leads all online. They definitely have the best payday loan affiliate program on the internet.

Here’s what they do:

Treat Affiliates Like Business Partners

They treat every affiliate like a long term business partner – even the smaller ones. Why? Because you never know when that one small affiliate who’s only doing a few leads a month will turn into hundreds and thousands of leads a month.

Affiliate Exclusivity

When an affiliate is going to promote something to their list or through PPC or some other way, they want to know that what they’re promoting is unique and different. Why? Because that’s what the customer wants! So make the affiliates and customers happy by giving the affiliates exclusivity on any promotions. Don’t try to cheat your affiliates by offering the same deal at a better price somewhere else.

Pay Good Affiliate Commissions

I laugh everytime I see an affiliate program paying 20% commissions on digital products or services. Like – are you serious? This is the year 2012. Pay at least 50% commissions on digital products or get out of the business. Trying to pay affiliates 20% is degrading.

LeadsMarket gives the highest payouts they possibly can and they offer bonuses on top – that’s what you should do with your affiliate program. Pay high commissions AND give great bonuses. Why? Because your affiliates WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! And that’s how you turn a one-time launch into an evergreen money machine.

Constantly Optimize Campaigns

The funny thing about those merchants who pay 20% commissions… they never update or even test their campaigns, banners, or landing pages. Good affiliates want good merchants – the ones who will invest in testing every aspect of the affiliate program and constantly improve on it. Kaizen!

Affiliate Support

One of the biggest turn-offs for me as an affiliate marketer is bad affiliate support. If the company won’t even help me with my question, HOW ARE THEY TREATING MY LEADS??? If a merchant has bad affiliate support, don’t even work with them.

Affiliate Stats

If they don’t have good affiliate stats, then why bother? If they don’t even care enough to give you stats, then they probably aren’t checking their own stats – which means they have no frickin’ clue what customers want.

Designing Your Own Affiliate Program

Now that you know what a good affiliate program looks like… go design your own and earn some cash!

Does Working Harder Work?

I’ve seen lots of successful and unsuccessful internet marketers in my career. A lot of people (who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to success) say that working hard, long hours is the key that separates those who succeed from those who fail… but is that really true?

Anyone who’s ever become a successful entrepreneur knows what it means to work hard… 50, 60, 70 hours a week? Hah! Not for a real entrepreneur. It’s more like 100 or more hours a week oftentimes, making business calls during meals, sacrificing social events for business, and generally doing whatever it takes (legally, ethically and morally) to succeed in business!

Yet, I’ve seen plenty of entrepreneurs fail miserably working hard… and eventually quit altogether, going back to a job and giving up on their entrepreneurial dreams. Hey, there’s no shame in failing and trying. Heck, trying and failing in business is more success than most people achieve in a lifetime. But is working hard the only way to the top?

On this point, I must be honest with myself – working hard is NOT the key to success. No, it’s not even close. I’ve met too many brilliant, successful, wealthy entrepreneurs who work a very reasonable, or even light schedule, yet who continue to grow their businesses at incredible rates. How do they do it?

Thinking Time

All mega-successful people I have met universally share a practice that Keith Cunningham calls “thinking time.” Thinking time is scheduling time alone, by yourself, asking questions, thinking, pondering, reviewing the past, learning from mistakes, and planning for the future. It’s time well spent. And, honestly, it’s even more productive than…well working!

Yes, I believe that thinking is much more productive of an activity than working. Don’t believe me?

Well, look at any factory. Thousands of workers work hard days and long hours in the factory – work, work, work. Many of them work overtime. More work! Yet who gets paid the most? Who’s responsible for making decisions that could double production? The manager, executive or entrepreneur, that’s who! And what would they be doing in the office in the middle of the day, or late at night before they go to sleep? Why, they’d be THINKING about the business, right?

So thinking is truly much more productive than actually working or producing.

Are you spending enough time thinking about your business?


7 Common SEO Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Traffic

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of improving the quality and volume of web traffic to your website by using some proven SEO techniques. In order words, it is a process of building a successful website. A website that is not optimized properly will not be able to reach the targeted clientele. So it is very essential to optimize your site using appropriate keywords so that you can achieve a high ranking in major search engines, like Google and Yahoo.

Search Engine Optimization graphic

But often times, website owners or blog owners commit some SEO mistakes that results in taking a toll on their businesses as well as personal finances. So make sure you do not commit the mistakes mentioned below:

1. Using inappropriate URLS

The most common mistake that web owners often commit is that they use long URLS with long parameters. Using this kind of URLS creates difficulty not only for the visitors but also for search engine spiders. So instead of using such URLS, use descriptive file names with proper keywords. This helps the visitors navigate the site easily. This also helps the web owners in improving search engine results.

2. Using title tags without putting keywords

There are many instances where web owners put web page titles without any relevance to the subject of the post. They often use title tags that have company name or some other text, but no keywords. The purpose of using a title tag is to inform the visitor and the search engine spider about what is there on the webpage. So it is extremely important to put keywords in the title tag so as to help the visitors understand the essence of the webpage.

3. Poor navigation design

Navigation and sitemaps are important to not only the visitors of the site but also to search engine spiders. Remember, bots cannot read JavaScript and Flash and so this kind of content should be avoided. Instead, have a sitemap encoded in both HTML and XML so that search engine spiders can navigate the web site more easily.

4. Wrong anchor text

Avoid using generic anchor text like “click here” as much as possible since it says nothing about the page linked to. Instead, use descriptive text as it indicates the content of the page it links to. But do not use descriptive text that is irrelevant and has no connection with the target webpage.

5. Disallowing search engines

Often times, people accidentally ban a search engine from a web site. This usually happens when individuals play with the robots.txt file. This file is located in the root folder of the website and it instructs bots which folders and pages to crawl. So ensure that you do not play with the robots.txt file.

6. Caught in SEO tricks

Do not spend a lot of time in finding the latest SEO tricks and trends in order to make your site ranked better. Remember, the main trick for optimizing your webpage is to post quality content on the site. So devote more time in writing content for your website so that it can attract more and more traffic.

7. Duplicate content

Another mistake that bloggers often commit is to write duplicate content or keywords. Make sure you write unique articles for your site so that it can attract potential visitors. Even if you target the same topic, at least make some variation in keywords, like for instance instead of writing make money on Facebook write making money with your facebook. This will help you create a complete different page for each keyword and will add value to your site.

In conclusion, afore mentioned are some SEO mistakes that you should avoid in order to optimize your site effectively.

Internet Marketing In Brazil And Latin America Is Hot!

The following is a guest article written originally in Portuguese. See below for the translation.

Internet Marketing

Uma das oportunidades para que as empresas ganhem mais dinheiro é o investimento em marketing na internet, que possui baixos valores de investimento e um excelente retorno sobre investimento. Com o crescimento da internet muitas oportunidades estão se abrindo para as empresas aumentarem seus faturamentos e ganharem mais dinheiro. O marketing na internet ganhou muita força ultimamente, pois segundo a comScore, o Brasil se tornou o sétimo mercado consumidor na internet, e esse número pode ser explicado pelo tempo médio que o brasileiro passa na internet, que chegou a quase 30 horas mensais.

O marketing na internet se resume utilizar as técnicas do marketing convencional adaptadas aos meio digitais, como sites, buscadores, mídias sociais, dispositivos móveis e etc. Para fazer essas adaptações, o marketing na internet utiliza algumas ferramentas como o SEO(search engine optimization) que melhora o posicionamento de sites em mecanismos; o PPC que são os links patrocinados em buscadores e outros sites; o Email Marketing que funciona muito bem como uma mala-direta e é uma ferramenta muito boa para o marketing direto, as Mídias Sociais que estão crescendo cada vez mais em número de usuários e as Páginas Digitais, que são websites, blogs, perfis em mídias sociais e são utilizados para fortalecer sua presença online.

O marketing na internet veio para atender de forma eficiente as três principais necessidades das empresas em relação marketing atualmente, que são: Conseguir novos clientes, Fortalecimento de Marcas e comunicação com o cliente.

Dentre todas essas ferramentas, uma que esta se mostrando extremamente eficiente no marketing na internet são as mídias sociais, que estão mudando a maneira de pensar de muitas empresas. Hoje o número de perfis ativos nas redes sociais passa de 120 milhões (se considerarmos todas) no Brasil e abre uma gama muito extensa de clientes e oportunidades para as empresas trabalharem seus produtos e suas marcas.

Muitas empresas ainda não levaram a sério o potencial do marketing na internet e não acompanhando o ritmo da digitalização. Um plano de marketing na internet deve ser feito levando em consideração principalmente o público-alvo que sua empresa deseja atingir, e principalmente qual o orçamento que ela esta disposta a investir.

Consulte sempre uma empresa especializada para criar o plano de marketing na internet para seu negócio.


Translated Article on Internet Marketing:

One of the opportunities for companies to make more money is to invest in internet marketing, which has low levels of investment and an excellent return on investment. With the growth of the Internet is opening up many opportunities for companies to increase their revenues and earn more money. The internet marketing has been very hot lately, because according to comScore, Brazil became the seventh consumer market on the Internet, and this number can be explained by the average time that the Brazilian is on the Internet, which reached almost 30 hours per month.

The internet marketing is summarized using conventional marketing techniques adapted to the digital medium, such as sites, search engines, social media, mobile devices and so on. To make these adjustments, the use some internet marketing tools like SEO (search engine optimization) that improves the positioning of websites in mechanisms; PPC What are sponsored links on search engines and other sites, the Email Marketing that works very well as a direct mail and is a very good tool for direct marketing, Social Media that are growing increasingly number of users and the Digital Pages, which are websites, blogs, social media profiles and are used to strengthen its presence online.

Marketing on the Internet come to efficiently meet the needs of three main businesses about marketing today, which are: Getting new customers, strengthening and Trademark customer communication.

Among all these tools, a showing that this is extremely efficient marketing on the Internet are social media, that are changing the mindset of many companies.Today the number of active profiles on social networks is 120 million (if we consider all of them) in Brazil and opens a very extensive range of clients and opportunities for companies to work its products and its brands.

Many companies still have not taken seriously the potential of internet marketing and not keeping pace with the scan. An internet marketing plan should be made taking into account mainly the audience that his company wants to achieve, and especially what budget she is willing to invest.

Always consult a specialist to create the marketing plan for your business on the Internet.