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SEOmoz Review – Does Search Engine Optimization Software Work?

If you’ve ever tried SEO software, you’ve probably realized all that search engine optimization software out there is just garbage that will waste your money and time!

Every day now someone, somewhere has created a new one-click, push-button, paradigm-shifting, world-changing, mind-bending, algorithmic masterpiece, SEO software, search-engine-conquering-program that will make you a millionaire in 30 seconds or less AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK THE BIG “BUY NOW!” BUTTON

But… when I first started in online marketing I was COMMITTED. I was dedicated! I knew I was going to create a massive business online and I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING  get past me without trying it first. So I bought every piece of SEO or traffic software you could possible imagine!

I’m talking programs like Conductor, LotusJump, Market Samurai, BrightEdge, Ontolo, Web CEO, Searchmetrics, LinkAssistant, The Free Blog Commenter Tool, Scrapebox (Totally blackhat lol – don’t use Scrapebox EVER!!), Front Desk, Traffic Travis, SEO Elite, Trend Matrix, Raven Tools, DIY SEO, Authority Labs, iBusiness Promoter, SEMrush, SEObook, etc., etc., etc.!

But none of that SEO software worked… Not one of them actually was worth the time or money it took.

You see, when it comes to SEO it is NOT about…

  • Automated blog commenting (Almost every blog out there now has NOFOLLOW on any links in comments. And even if they had a DOFOLLOW link, Google has wisened up and will NOT give you credit for links from blog comments. In fact, they might punish you for spamming so many blogs with software like scrapebox.
  • Buying Links (Over 90% of links that people have tried to sell me are COMPLETELY WORTHLESS in the eyes of Google. Anyone who knows SEO knows that Google punishes anyone who attempts to sell links on their site, making a link from that site absolutely worthless)
  • Magic Software That Does Everything For You (SEO is about getting HIGH QUALITY links from HIGH QUALITY sites and having HIGH QUALITY content on your own site. Period. No software can automate high quality, unique content and links because by definition if it can be automated then it is NOT HIGH QUALITY!)
Despite all the bad software I bought, tens of thousands of wasted dollars and thousands of hours using SEO techniques that simply don’t work, I finally took the SEOmoz free trial
I was skeptical of course and honestly didn’t think it would be useful or worth the time. But then I stumpled upon it’s Open Site Explorer program that quickly (less than 10 seconds) finds ALL the inbound (and outbound) links from ANY SITE (especially your competitors or people in your niche) AND gives a ranking for each link based on its quality and the quality of the domain.
Using this information, I was able to build over 10 new HIGH QUALITY links to my blog  in less than 3 days (all in all about 4 hours of work).

Another great thing about SEOmoz is that it actually has a free trial for 30 days with no obligation. Unlike other crappy software out there (coughSCRAPEBOXcough) that you have to pay to download and can’t get a refund for, SEOmoz actually lets you use ALL of its tools for free to make sure you really can use it. So check out SEOmoz for yourself and let me know what you think.